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What are Youtube Shorts?

Shorts are a new video experience that lets you watch and create short, catchy videos right from your phone. They’re vertical videos 60 seconds or less and provide

an easy, lightweight way to create. Plus, they connect you to YouTube’s two billion users giving them a new, customized viewing experience of endless laughs, learning, music discovery, and more.

Whether you’ve been creating for years or are just getting started you can instantly reach and entertain new audiences with Youtube Shorts creation tools that let you capture and edit videos on YouTube right from your phone. Or, you can upload Shorts

by following the standard upload flow on mobile, desktop, or your preferred device.

If you create Shorts using our Shorts creation tools you can use our multi-segment camera

to string multiple video clips together. You can add a song or sample audio

from other Shorts or eligible YouTube videos. You can add text after and control when it appears and disappears control the speed of your video and much, much more.

How to create Youtube Shorts Video?

To Make YouTube Shorts Videos you just have to open the YouTube app. For creating a shots video hit the “+” icon. Now you see the ‘Create a Short’ option hit on it, now your Shorts interface is open now you are able to record your video. Youtube Shots allow you to use editing tools to do things like add music, merge multiple video clips, speed controls, and timers for your video clip.

Details about Youtube shorts Video?

Youtube Shorts Put very simply, there are no minimum creator requirements. You don’t need any views or subscribers, you could create a channel today and make a YouTube Short.

if we watch the video through the normal YouTube player you can see that we can swipe down to see the comments and over suggested videos. This would be a normal YouTube view.

However, if we watch this same video as a Short video as seen here in the features section of the channel the play controls the change it now

Next step, you can create, edit and upload your videos using any device.

Secondly, the video must be in a square to vertical format. So, this will be a square format video. Let’s say the resolution is 1080 by 1080. If it is a pixel wider than it is taller then the video won’t be classed as a YouTube Short.

Now, this is a vertical video. Most people will record in vertical video ’cause they’re basically using their mobile phone in portrait mode. If you go any thinner than this

then it may not be considered a YouTube Short. And to be honest, it just looks ugly on screen and it’s not worth doing.

you can include #Shorts in the video title or description but it is optional. YouTube teams have suggested that #Shorts, has no bearing on its discoverability on the platform and is for internal YouTube tracking only.

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